Genomic Precision Medicine with genix.ai

Clinical investigation and predictive analysis of genetic diseases with Machine Learning Algorithms

Services We Provide with Quality.

Highest rigor in sample collection, preparation and data processing.


Whole exome, RNA-Seq, whole genome and more with clinical grade sample preparation standards.

Clinical Analytics

Proprietary cloud based analysis tools with upto date databanks.

ML powered pipelines

Fully Automated AI powered pipelines for timely and accurate clinical investigation reports.

Why genix.ai?

Precision at Scale covering a wide range of Bioinformatics tools.

Fully AI equiped data collection, curation and report generation platform.

  • Largest collection of variants.
  • Curated with publication evidences.
  • State of the security infrastructure on the cloud
  • High performance computing algorithms with more than 10 years or R&D
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How genix.ai works?

  • 1
    Sample collected at your location
    We provide safe collection and shipping kit.
  • 2
    Sample processed and sequenced at our labs
    State-of-the-art sequencing facility with highest data quality standards in the industry.
  • 3
    Reports in your finger tips
    Our cloud based pipeline completes analysis and make reports available within hours.
20 million

Variants covering human genetic markers in
rare diseases


Research articles and data linked from


Metadata covering human
genetic data


New standard in clinical investigation


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Genix.ai is a machine learning assisted clinical investigation service using next generation sequencing(NGS) and biomedical imaging data. We are providing personalized treatment strategies for clinicians with timely detection of biomarkers to fight rare diseases in infants, extend and improve quality of life with cancer patients and cost effective detection of complex infections.

We can decode many genetic disorders including rare disease, cancers and complex infections with the help of deep sequencing data and state of the art artificial intelligence pipelines. Complex relationships between gene mutations and nascent diseases are difficult to find otherwise. Understanding the phenotypes of cancers require new computational strategies to decode and device treatment plans. New and compound infections are hard to detect with traditional lab techniques.

Genix.ai as a platform aims to bridge the gap between traditional diagnostic methods and effective personalized medicine. Our approach starts from collecting non-invasive biopsies to retrieve DNA, RNA from body fluids (Blood, saliva, Urine, etc ). Employing Cloud based bioinformatics pipelines to analysis terabytes of data within hours to provide powerful insights. And ultimately find previously unknown connections between gene mutations and phenotypes

We will be serving four customer segments 1. Hospitals 2.Universities 3. Research centers and 4. Pharma companies. Our services include three major categories namely sequencing, analysis and data solutions for clinical research.

We practice zero-knowledge-cloud strategy in storing and processing data. And zero trust strategy within our organization, all the genomic data submitted into our platform will be completely anonymous with double encryption on the server and client side.

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